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Carolyn's Corner is dedicated to the memory of Carolyn Clemetson,
who lived life to the fullest, making her house a home of love and laughter for her husband, sons, stepdaughters and pets. She also created a sense of home beyond the walls of her own house by opening the doors of her heart and sharing her hopes, fears, dreams and sense of humor with all those her life touched. Carolyn, her husband David and their family of "his, hers and ours" children were among those killed in January, 2000 on Alaska Air Flight 261. Their precious lives ended abruptly and family and friends, and most tragically, Carolyn's stepdaughter's mother, Claire were left to pick up the pieces. For two years Carolyn belonged to our Stepmother Support Group. Sharing our stories has been incredibly helpful for us. We hope that widening the circle of support will also help us heal our insurmountable loss.

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Carolyn's Corner

The Tale of the Front Seat, From "Memoirs of a New Stepmom"

by Norma "Rosie" Wigutoff

I’ve just begun a writing course and the instructor advises, “Be sure to make trouble for your main character. Every good story is built around resolution of conflict.” Perfect, I thought. What else IS there in stepfamilies? [continued]


Julie's Thoughts

by Julie Hennick

"I want you to know that I'll always be here for you… and although I'll never try to take anyone's place in your life, I hope there will be room in it for me." That was the card I bought for my stepson when he turned sixteen. [continued]


A Cat Story, Tails From One Stepmom

by Tina Blade

About two years ago, we added a young cat to our household. We got her to be "Our Cat," of course. [continued]


The Bigger Picture

by Judy Bonicelli Sarles

I'm beginning to think God is not listening. I said I wanted a horse, not to be a stepmom. [continued]



Keeping Perspective

I’m the newcomer. My partner, Deborah, has a daughter. Callista is 12 and she lives half the week with her other Mom, Jean, Deborah’s ex. [continued]

WELCOME To Carolyn's Corner

Our sincerest wish is that this be a place that will bring comfort, courage and a sense of hope and pride to all stepfamilies. We will feature your stories, anecdotes, and experiences, your triumphs and travails great and small, your photos and your insights. We welcome writings from stepparents, biological parents and stepchildren of all ages. In life, we can always learn from each other.

Please send your stepfamily stories, those of hope, humor, reality, despair, dreams, and struggle. Articles, photos, drawings or cartoons, anecdotes and tales from all stepfamily members are encouraged. Let's make this a place that features the "everyday stepfamily" - you and I.

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