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Do You Know? Stepfamily Facts and Statistics
  • 60% of all first marriages end in divorce
  • About 75% of divorced persons remarry
  • About 40% of all marriages are remarriages for one of the adults
  • About 65% of remarriages involve children from the prior marriage
  • 60% of all remarriages eventually end in divorce
  • By the year 2010, it is estimated that there will be more stepfamilies than nuclear families
  • 1 out of 3 Americans is now a stepparent, a stepchild, a stepsibling, or some other member of a stepfamily
  • More than half of Americans today have been, are now or will be in one or more stepfamily situations in their lives.

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Concerning Stepfamilies

For Kids: Getting Along With Your Stepparent

By Michele Diamond, LCSW
DivorceStep, www.divorcestep.com

Your Mom or Dad has gotten remarried and now you have a stepparent! You didn’t choose this person, you’re not the one who fell in love with this person and decided to share your life with them, and in fact you may not have had much say in the matter at all. [continued]


Good News for Stepfamilies

By Sigi-Sandrock-Helgeson, M.Div., M.Ed. Registered Mental Health Counselor with Northwest Pastoral Counseling, Tacoma WA.

When holidays approach, those who are biological and/or adoptive parents will usually be recognized and celebrated in some way by their children. However, for most stepparents there is little recognition or “celebration” of the difficult and challenging roles they play in the lives of their stepchildren. [continued]

A Stepfamily Reunion Says It All!!!

Above: 5 stepparents, 10 stepsiblings, 13 stepcousins, 9 stepgrandchildren, 1 stepgreatgrandchild-in-the-oven, 2 stepgrandparents, 6 stepaunts and uncles, 9 stepnieces and nephews and several other nameless step-relationships that include spouses of both original family members

Stepfamily Challenges

There are many tasks that stepfamilies need to accomplish in order to complete the development involved in becoming "family." [continued]


Stepmothers Speak Out…Reflections

The summary of a discussion held during a stepmother's potluck dinner in 1999.

Q: If you were to start again in the same situation, what would you do differently? [continued]


Stepfamilies: The New Pioneers

By Barbara Perlmutter and Laureen Miki

Jamie woke up to the reality of stepfamily life on the morning of her honeymoon. “There I was, walking behind my husband and my 10-year old stepdaughter on our way to breakfast. The honeymoon was over before it started!” [continued]

Myths About Stepfamily Life
  • Stepfamilies are just like nuclear families
  • Caring and love between stepfamily members will happen quickly
  • Children will be as happy about the new marriage and stepfamily as the adults are
  • Everyone is eager to start anew in a stepfamily
  • It will be relatively easy and quick to become unified as a family
  • It is helpful for children to see how much their parent and new partner love each other
  • It is easier to stepparent on a part-time basis
  • All problems encountered in a stepfamily are due to being a stepfamily
  • Children have suffered so much because of divorce that we need to make it up to them
  • It is easier to stepparent after the death of a biological parent than after a divorce
  • It is possible to be a mother/father to stepchildren
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