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Good News For Stepfamilies
By Sigi-Sandrock-Helgeson, M.Div., M.Ed. Registered Mental Health Counselor with Northwest Pastoral Counseling, Tacoma WA.

When holidays approach, those who are biological and/or adoptive parents will usually be recognized and celebrated in some way by their children. However, for most stepparents there is little recognition or “celebration” of the difficult and challenging roles they play in the lives of their stepchildren. This attitude has been supported by our culture, with stepparents often being portrayed negatively in the media and in children’s stories.

However, there is a change in attitude that is exemplified by Hallmark, the greeting card company. Hallmark now offers a new line of cards “Ties That Bind” that are designed specifically for non-nuclear families. Hallmark estimates that two of every three consumers buying cards are members of a stepfamily or other alternative family. According to Stepfamily Association of America, these cards go right to the heart of the matter in recognizing that things in stepfamilies, particularly in the early years, are often chaotic. An examples of a card expressing this sentiment is: “I guess I don’t need to tell you that it wasn’t easy for me to accept you at first. But with time, I’ve come to know you better and I’ve grown to respect you. I’m sorry for the times I’ve taken my confusion or anger out on you unfairly.”

There are now cards available for stepsiblings, stepchildren, for ex-in-laws, and fathers and mothers of your stepchildren.

By the year 2010 it is estimated that more than half of all families in the United States will be stepfamilies. At last the culture is catching up in some areas.

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