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I Was My Mother's Bridesmaid by Erica and Vanessa Carlisle (1999). Written by sisters raised in a stepfamily, this is a reassuring collection of stories written by young adults 18 - 25 who grew up in stepfamilies. For teens, this book offers reassurance, support and hope; for parents, an opportunity to really listen to what our kids/stepkids wants and need from us. As the authors say, "our stories are characterized by resilience, by flexibility, and by strength." I Was My Mother's Bridesmaid is optimistic, realistic and touching. Recommended reading.


The Top-Secret Journal of Fiona Claire Jardin by Robin Cruise (1998). The story of a 10-year old girl struggling with the changing world that her parent's divorce and joint custody bring. Recommended as a possible "mutual read" for adult/child as a way for real life issues to be discussed with a youngster in the safe environment of "Fiona's situation."


It's Not the End of the World by Judy Blume. The story of a 6th grade girl whose parents are divorcing. It is honest, realistic and definitely worthwhile.


Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary. Through letters written to his favorite author, Leigh learns a lot about himself and his parents' divorce. Great author has written an engaging book.


What Am I Doing In A Stepfamily? by Claire Berman. (See review in "Featured Books")


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