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Stepfamilies: Love, Marriage and Parenting in the 1st Decade by James Bray & J. Kelly.

This book is distinctly different from many others. Although the work is centered on stepfathers, it is informative for everyone because it reveals the general and unique growth patterns of stepfamilies. Without knowing these, it can seem as though difficulties in becoming a stepfamily are not normal. Based on a long-term study of stepfather families.


Making It As A Stepparent: New Roles & New Rules by Claire Berman.

The author has interviewed many stepfamilies whose perspectives provide a valuable resource, particularly for the beginning years. Berman is a proponent of communicating in an open and clear way. Her book includes discussions on holidays and traditions, adolescence, rejection of the stepparent, discipline, money in the stepfamily and boundary issues. Good general stepfamily reading.


How To Win As A Stepfamily by Emily B. Visher, Ph.D. and John S. Visher, M.D.

This practical guide is written by the founders of Stepfamily Association of America. Stepparents, and now stepgrandparents, the Vishers long history as veteran stepfamily members give them a strong foundation from which to offer useful and positive advice for developing emotionally satisfying stepfamily relationships.


Mom's House, Dad's House by Isolina Ricci.

Extremely helpful book for assisting parents in negotiating agreements. Good at addressing and acknowledging feelings of loss and separation but retaining the focus of working together for the children's best interest. Positive reviews from many step and biological parents.


Money Advice for Your Successful Remarriage by Patricia Schiff Estess.

Handling delicate financial issues with love and understanding. The "hands-off" subject everyone needs to get their hands on. This is a comprehensive look at the financial issues that arise in remarriage. Estess offers advice, stories and a Financial Action Plan checklist, as well as addressing monetary concerns related to estate planning, having a child together, pre and post nuptial agreements and more! Most couples find something of value in the many subjects covered in this book.


Yours, Mine, and Ours by Anne C. Bernstein, Ph.D.

Everything you need to know when considering bringing a new child into the stepfamily, this is the book stepparents gratefully turn to. Written by stepmother and therapist, Dr. Bernstein provides that unbeatable combination of personal and professional experience in addressing almost every aspects of having a mutual child-roles and responsibilities, sibling relationships, finances, and more.


Other People's Children by Joanna Trollope. (Fiction)

The English writer crafts a gripping read, the inside story of a stepfamily, with all its conflict, revenge, cruelty, resentment (and yes, attachment!). Painfully honest, engaging, emotional and riveting. Be sure it's not the only stepfamily book you read!!


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