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Still A Dad by Serge Prengel.

An honest and sensitive book for men without custody or in high-conflict post-divorce relationships. Still A Dad explores the experiences involved when living with the anger, pain and loss of control that characterize situations where fathers live with little or no access to their kids. Prengel skillfully guides and encourages men on how to deal with their distress and move into developing new and positive definitions of fatherhood.


Successful Step-Fathering by Carl E. Pickhardt, Ph.D.

An excellent resource for stepfathers (and, in fact, any stepfamily adult) that provides detailed descriptions of the social and psychological complexities of stepfamily relationships. Pickhardt discusses the problems a stepfather can expect to encounter, along with practical advice for meeting these challenges head on. He proposes three types of parenting involvement possible: coparenting, consulting parent and nonparent. The book covers developing realistic expectations, building healthy step relationships, easing the adjustment, defining roles, establishing parental authority and, perhaps most useful to the stepparent, managing the emotional intensity. Outstanding chapters include emotional explosions, resolving conflict and fair fighting--what these things are about and how to work with them. Above all his advice is: Go slow!


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