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The Enlightened Stepmother, Revolutionizing the Role by Perdita Kirkness Norwood.

(See review in "Featured Books")


Stepmotherhood by Cherie Burns.

A book that normalizes a stepmother's emotions and experiences in regard to her stepchildren. Respectful and empathetic to the challenges of stepparenting.


When You Marry A Man With Children by Barbara Mullen Keenan.

A good book for helping a stepmother believe she has a right to set the tone in the home she shares with her husband and children.


Lesbian Step Families: An Ethnography of Love by Janet Wright.

This is the only book so far that focuses exclusively on the lesbian stepfamily. Lesbian Step Families is the outgrowth of a study that follows five families. We read intimate personal experiences and learn, from the author's experience, many ways to create an optimal, healthy environment in a lesbian stepfamily. Recommended for family members and counselors.


Women and Stepfamilies: Voices of Anger and Love edited by Nan Bauer Maglin and Nancy Schniedewind.

This anthology presents a diverse collection of experiences by women in every imaginable stepfamily relationship. Candid, realistic, eye opening and heartening. A rare stepfamily book for its inclusion of different racial, ethnic, class and sexual minority perspectives.


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