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Stepliving for Teens
By Dr. Joel D. Block and Dr. Susan S. Bartell

Ryan Bosler (Age 12):

I enjoyed the book Stepliving For Teens. One of the good parts of this book was how it explained how to work problems out in great detail. Another one was how there were so many different subjects this book covered. Those were two good parts of this book. There weren't any bad parts in this book.

I would rate this book 9 out of 10, and would recommend this book, because it gives a plan to try out, and also gives a backup plan to try if the first plan doesn't work out the way it is supposed to.

Jack Hunt (Age 14):

This would be a helpful book for a teen starting out in a stepfamily. I liked how it uses "real" examples of kids in stepfamilies. I liked the format and the language of the book. The chapter I particularly liked was "Who's in Charge". I also found the section at the end of the chapters called "What if it doesn't work?" good. It is a good handbook for teens. It is not the kind of book I would read cover to cover, but when I wanted to find a certain issue. I would like to read a book for teens that would go into more depth.


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