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Take Back Your Kids, Confident Parenting in Turbulent Times
by William J. Dougherty

Reviewed byLaureen Miki

I think it must be very difficult for biological parents to put their foot down and say, "enough" to societal expectations of what they are supposed to do for their children-how far they have to go to be a "good parent". But the stepparent enters their new family with less emotional attachment. This usually gives a parent more objectivity and more confidence to speak the unspeakable (a.k.a. "This isn't right. We're spoiling our kids.")

This book lets both types of parent know that: yes, there is indeed a pressure to conform to a certain type of parenting, and yes, they are not alone in questioning the benefits of rearing children as "consumers of services".

I loved this book. It helped reassure me that I wasn't losing my mind and that I wasn't an evil stepmother for thinking that my stepkids are being raised to expect everything and give very little. This book lends some much-needed credibility to those of us trying to raise children who are not our own.

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