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The Love They Lost
By Stephanie Staal

Reviewed by Stephen C.

For me the most difficult aspect of going through a divorce has involved knowing that, but not fully understanding how, the divorce has affected (and continues to affect) my three children. Knowing that it was affecting the kids contributed to my sense of fear, frustration, and guilt. Not fully understanding how it was affecting them (despite reading shelves-full of books and articles, written by clinicians and researchers, on "How Divorce Affects Kids") led to over-compensation, misguided attempts to respond, and a sense of inadequacy as a parent. The Love They Lost tells the story of divorce through the eyes and hearts of children (of all ages) who have experienced the divorce of their parents. This book was immensely helpful to me in gaining a clearer sense of what my own three children were, and are, carrying in their hearts as a consequence of their parents' divorce. It has helped me to more clearly hear their own stories. Stephen C.

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