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What Am I Doing In A Stepfamily?

What did you like about this book?

I liked that some parts were funny.

What age kids do you think would like this book?

Probably kids 5 to 10.

Do you think grownups would like it?

Maybe stepmothers and stepfathers would like it.

Some parents leave notes because they have different rules. Some parents just pack up all their stuff and drive off.

My name is Lucy Cheadle. I am seven years old. Jane, Stella, my Dad, my two brothers Harry, and John are in my stepfamily.



Note: Lucy's stepmother, Jane, observed that soon after the remarriage Lucy would arrive at their house and head straight for this book, which she would read and re-read, time and again. It is a beautifully illustrated book that goes right to the heart of the young child's questions--what is this all about? And what is my place in this family? Useful for both parent and child alike.


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